Vacant Home Check (no pets)

No pets?

Going away and leaving your home empty?
Worried about your beautiful plants or veggie garden?

No problem! I also offer a vacant home check. From a large home to a small apartment, it is perfect for when you go on long vacations or just a weekend getaway and need someone to check in on your home while you are away! Born and Raised On A Ranch will make sure your home is secure while you travel. In general, keeping your household running smoothly while you’re away. Prices vary depending on services need. Prices start at $30. 

Each visit is for up to 15 minutes

If you need a longer visit, please ask!

I can provide as many of the following home services (you can choose which ones you would like):
Bringing in the mail, newspaper, and packages
❀ Indoor plant watering (light)
💡 Rotate lights to make the house look lived in
🏠 Alternate blinds/ curtains for extra security
📺 Turn on/ off radio or TV
🏠 Handle household emergencies such as a burst pipe / broken window / fallen tree – quickly, calmly and professionally

Other Services Offered:

* Accept Deliveries on your behalf while you are away (price varies)
* Day-to-day Cleaning (price varies)
* Other house tasks as we agree upon (price varies)
Only tools and supplies provided by owner are used.

I also provide (upon request) updates on how your home is doing FREE of charge.

✉ I can send you a short email or text update after each visit. 


* Please click on the “Services” tab on the Menu for more important information. All services require an “Initial Booking Consultation”.

* Rates are for local services up to 10 miles of my home. Additional fees may apply for traveling outside of the mileage area. Usually $1.75 for every extra mile traveled.

* Additional Holiday Fee: There will be a $5 extra fee per visit for holidays including: Easter Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day thru Sunday after Thanksgiving, Christmas eve thru New Year’s Day

* Time ranges are minimums and averages only
* I strive to keep the rates posted on this page accurate; the rates listed are not guaranteed and may change at any time.
* Payment is due before service rendered for all services.

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If you need something you don’t see here, please contact me and ask!