Potty Breaks

Potty Break visits are perfect for families that work long hours and feel guilty leaving their dogs alone for extended periods. Your dog deserves a break in the day! Waiting 10 hours is a long time.

Potty breaks and let outs allows your dog to have a time out in the yard or a short walk. This is not a long walk just time to get out stretch legs, run around, and take care of business.

Your dog(s) will be happy and so will you!

Fee is priced per visit for up to two dogs. ($2.00 extra per visit for each additional pet)

The Visit is up to 15 minute visit ($28)

If you need a longer visit, please ask!

The Potty Break visit includes:

🐕 Time out in the yard to get out, stretch legs, and take care of business

🐕 Giving treats (if allowed)
♡🐕♡ Hugs, Love, Care, and Attention!

Other Services Offered:

* Dog Poop Scooping (Prices vary due to initial cleanliness and size of area cleaned)
* Basic Grooming (Brushing) (price varies) 
* Bath and Brushing (price varies)
Only tools and supplies provided by owner are used to ensure nothing is transmitted from other dogs.

I also provide (upon request) updates on how your pet is doing FREE of charge.

✉ I can send you an email or text update after each visit. It can be a quick thumbs up emoji letting you know all is well.


* Please click on the “Services” tab on the Menu for more important information. All services REQUIRE an “Initial Booking Consultation”. *The initial booking consultation is free but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am “charging” $20 that needs to be paid during the Initial Booking Consultation visit. This would then be used as a Credit on the first pet sitting invoice.

* Rates are for local services up to 10 miles of my home. Additional fees may apply for traveling outside of the mileage area. Usually $1.75 for every extra mile traveled. 

Additional Holiday Fee: There will be a $5 extra fee per visit for holidays including: Easter Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day thru Sunday after Thanksgiving, Christmas eve thru New Year’s Day

* Time ranges are minimums and averages only
* I strive to keep the rates posted on this page accurate; the rates listed are not guaranteed and may change at any time.

* Payment is due before service rendered for all services.

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If you need something you don’t see here, please contact me and ask!